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I made a massive mistake by treating them the same. It ended up holding back our growth when I worked as Head of Growth at Heights. I thought I knew the difference, but when push came to shove, I tried to use one process and one team for both. Here are all the details of my failure, what I've learnt from it and how to set up your growth team to avoid making the same mistake.


Daphne Tideman

Growth Coach & Consultant at Daphne Tideman Ltd.

Daphne started as the 1st employee for RockBoost, a growth hacking agency. After consulting various startups and corporations for over five years (and helping RockBoost grow to 25 employees in the meantime), she moved to the brand side. There she helped braincare startup Heights, 10x their subscriber base. Now Daphne helps the best eco-friendly & wellness D2C startups grow faster.

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