User Onboarding Crash Course by Eric Keating

Using Product Led Growth to Drive Acquisition

75% of b2B buyers want to self-educate vs talk to sales representatives to learn about products and services - FORRESTER

60% of users rate personalisation as very important - GLADLY

2/3 of business have switched vendors for a consumer like experience - SALESFORCE

90% of software buyers want free trial or freemium access - APPCUES


VP Marketing at Appcues talk about "Product Onboarding as The New Landing Page". In his current role, he runs marketing and growth, and works with SaaS businesses - from startups to the Fortune 500 - to optimize their own product-led growth strategies. Prior to joining AppCues, Eric ran marketing and growth multiple successful companies, such as Zoom Info, Kantar Millward Brown and Zaius

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course dedicated to?
The course can be used by c-level, growth members, product managers, and other professionals working on building from scratch and/or improving the existing flow users go through when using your product or service for the first time.
Do I need to have a SaaS Business to take this course?
Absolutely not. Throughout the course, our teacher show examples of different types of businesses across different industries.